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By stranger - Posted on 16 June 2014

Titanfall is a First Person Shooter that features acrobatic, double-jumping, wall-running Pilots and giant mechanized robots called Titans. Players start off on the ground as Pilots and earn credit towards their own Titan as the match progresses. The Titans are summoned out of orbit and come slamming down onto the battlefield through the titular Titanfall.

As a designer at Respawn Entertainment, I helped design and implement in script many core gameplay systems:
- Pilot Melee (Jump Kick, Neck Snap abilities)
- Titan Melee (Titan Punch, Titan Termination abilities)
- Pilot Rodeo
- Titan Dome Shield
- Pre-match Dropship Insertion sequence
- Post-match Dropship Evacuation sequence

One of the goals of Titanfall was to bring a more cinematic experience (akin to what you'd normally find in a single-player campaign) to online multiplayer. To that end, I also helped script:

- Angel City and Fracture E3 demo level-specific cinematic scripting
- Hero character Visual Display Unit announcement system (Sara telling you your Titan is ready, etc )
- Titan OS Announcements
- AI Grunt Chatter system
- Music system

You can see an in-game demonstration of many of the systems I worked on in the following trailer for Angel City, made for Gamescom 2012. It also features Angel City, one of the levels I helped script:

Post-launch, we've also committed to supporting Titanfall with constant updates. In addition to general bug-fixes, I was chiefly responsible for the new game modes, Marked For Death and Wingman Last Titan Standing, as well as the Titan OS Voice customization packs.

Titanfall is available on XBox One, XBox 360 and PC.